Advent Gospel Presentation Wk 7

Junior Hub 1 presented the Gospel this Week at Mass.  We shared a small Liturgy explaining the Advent Wreath and the meaning of the four candles. Our children were very Reverent in their presentation and participation.  Mrs Brookes and Mrs Misiloi are so proud of you!!

Saint Mary Medallions

Mary Medallions

Term 4

Welcome to Term 4!!
Check out this video of Wonderful Learning that is happening!
Measurement in JH1 with Mrs Klenner

JH1 Discovery- Volcanoes

This week at our Discovery Time, we learned about VOLCANOES. We brainstormed about what we know about Volcanoes. We watched videos about volcanoes and made a volcano. Wow we had fun and a great learning. We learned about some key words such as magma, crater, vent, lava, and ash cloud.

JH1 celebrate Matariki- The Maori New Year

On Friday the 23rd of June, Junior Hub 1 learned about Matariki- the Maori New Year. They made stars, Matariki bread and sung a Waiata called “Tirama Tirama Matariki” this song is about the Matariki seven stars.

Discovery Time- Vegetable Soup

On Friday the 16th of June, Junior Hub 1 were making vegetable soup. Children named the vegetables, involved and helped with washing, peeling and cutting the vegetables. Mrs Klenner showed them her quick soup making machine. Junior Hub 1 enjoyed their delicious and yummy vegetable soup.  

Junior Hub 1 Discovery-

Junior Hub 1: Creative  Artwork - Dog Kennel