Term 4

Welcome to Term 4!!
Check out this video of Wonderful Learning that is happening!
Measurement in JH1 with Mrs Klenner

JH1 Discovery- Volcanoes

This week at our Discovery Time, we learned about VOLCANOES. We brainstormed about what we know about Volcanoes. We watched videos about volcanoes and made a volcano. Wow we had fun and a great learning. We learned about some key words such as magma, crater, vent, lava, and ash cloud.

JH1 celebrate Matariki- The Maori New Year

On Friday the 23rd of June, Junior Hub 1 learned about Matariki- the Maori New Year. They made stars, Matariki bread and sung a Waiata called “Tirama Tirama Matariki” this song is about the Matariki seven stars.

Discovery Time- Vegetable Soup

On Friday the 16th of June, Junior Hub 1 were making vegetable soup. Children named the vegetables, involved and helped with washing, peeling and cutting the vegetables. Mrs Klenner showed them her quick soup making machine. Junior Hub 1 enjoyed their delicious and yummy vegetable soup.  

Junior Hub 1 Discovery-

Junior Hub 1: Creative  Artwork - Dog Kennel

PE activities Week 9

On Tuesday we had our first Small Sticks hockey session 

 And on Thursday we had an Activator sports session.